Resource Requirements for an Impinj® ItemSense™ Installation

Table of Contents

Server Requirements

Resource Requirements for an ItemSense Installation

The following guidelines help to identify the server resources required for an ItemSense server, based on the number of RAIN RFID Gateways that are to be used:

# of RAIN RFID gateways Server Resource Size
Up to 32 CPU count 4
Memory 16 GB
Hard disk type SSD
Hard disk size >= 512 GB
Hard disk speed >= 90,000 IOPS for random acess, > 500MBps sequential access
Network 1 GB Ethernet
Up to 64 CPU count 20
Memory >= 32 GB
Hard disk type SSD
Hard disk >= 512 GB
Hard disk speed >= 90,000 IOPS for random access, > 500MBps sequential access
Network 1 GB Ethernet

Network Requirements

The network for an Impinj ItemSense installation consists of the components that reside within a private Customer Operated Network. Within the Customer Operated Network, the bulk of the traffic consists of the communication between the ItemSense instance and the RAIN RFID gateways. This document outlines the network requirements for a complete ItemSense installation. Note that while the diagram below shows the IMC and ItemSense core as architecturally separate components, they are currently co-located on the same host.

ItemSense Network Requirements Diagram

ItemSense Network Communications Within Customer Operated Network

Hardware Requirements

  • 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Network
  • 802.3af PoE Switches

Bandwidth Requirements

  • 50 kilobytes per second for each xArray

Port Requirements

Direction Port Purpose
ItemSense to Reader 80 Gateway discovery
51505 Reader Agent Provisioning
22 SSH commands during reader registration
Reader to ItemSense 443 ISAP Protocol
End User to ItemSense 80 REST API access
443 REST API access via TLS
5671/5672/5673 AMQP Access
161 SNMP v2 requests for reader health monitoring
3010 IMC Access
Reader and ItemSense to NTP Server 123 NTP Protocol