ItemSense Release Notes


2017r1 build 850.5

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Optional Job parameter reportToFileEnabled has been marked as obsolete and no longer has any effect

2017r1 build 830

  • Installation and reader management

    • Installation time decreased by several minutes
    • Installation directory displayed during installation
    • Improved handling of readers with skewed or misconfigured system clocks during registration
    • Fixed provisioning limitations that processed one reader at a time when using non-default reader passwords
    • Prevent registering readers with an ItemSense instance with a host address of localhost, to avoid pairing failure
    • Allow more than 10 readers to be upgraded at one time
  • Configuration

    • Improved default antenna configuration for overhead-mounted readers in threshold setups
    • Allow floor to be set in the placement configuration of all readers, not just xArrays
    • Remove Tag Expiry as an option for Single Target B-to-A inventory jobs since tags only answer once in that mode
    • Enhanced EPC Gen2 filters to work with odd as well as even mask lengths
    • Added output of "soft" transition events for helping tune the parameters used in Threshold algorithm
  • Data and performance

    • Handle large tag population with improved data accuracy
    • Enhanced job processing to ignore results from previous jobs, so that message queues provide results that match ItemHistory tables
    • Improved job reliability concerning transient network failures, automatically terminating stale jobs, restarting interrupted RFID jobs, and ensuring resumption of data after re-connection
    • Fixed failing parallel job starts (when starting multiple jobs at the same time through the API)
    • Fixed reader communication failures (413 errors) when sending too much data (> 4MB) in location mode
    • Fixed 'null' floor designation in Message Queue events
    • Fixed 'Agent Initialization Error' in Location jobs when Z axis is not specified for reader
    • Fixed tag processing null pointer exceptions when the same tag is processed by a Location Job after an Inventory job
    • Better tolerance of "out of disk space" file-system conditions
  • Search and export

    • Fixed ItemHistory CSV export for large datasets
    • Fixed Items CSV export when specifying a Facility without a Zone
    • Fixed Zone Transition Only ItemHistory search

2017r1 build 697

  • Threshold crossing detection for Dock Doors, with the following reader configurations:
    • Side by Side - Readers flanking either side of the threshold, facing inwards
    • Overhead - One or more readers directly overhead the door
    • Overhead Offset - one or more readers set overheader but in between thresholds
  • Ability to run multiple jobs in one facility, for non-overlapping reader fields of view
  • Ability to run jobs on one or more pre-defined reader groups
  • Ability to download and save ItemSense configuration
  • Ability to download log files
  • Support for Antenna Hub hardware component connected to each antenna port of a Speedway reader
  • Support for new Search Modes:
    • SINGLE_TARGET_BTOA: Single Target Reset Inventory
    • DUAL_TARGET_WITH_BTOASELECT: Dual Target Inventory with Reset
  • New API endpoints
  • New AMQP queue
  • Changes to existing API endpoints
    • Addition of groups field to the Reader Definition API
    • Addition of features field to the Reader Definition API
    • Addition of THRESHOLD value for operation field of the Reader Configuration API
    • Removal of deprecated NORMAL value for the operation field of the Reader Configuration API
    • Addition of THRESHOLD Recipe type
    • Addition of name and readerGroups to Job API
    • Modification of the default value of the graceful parameter on the Start Job endpoint from false to true
    • Addition of jobId to Items APIs and Queue data
    • Date and time formats all use the same ISO-8601 format. Example: 2017-05-02T15:35:01.560Z
    • Addition CLOCK_SYNC as a reader health code, in the Reader Health category ClockSyncStatus
    • Addition READER_OUTDATED as a reader health code, in the Reader Health category SoftwareStatus
    • Addition of the following fields to the Software Upgrade response: created, updated, numDevices, isCancelled, numFailures
    • Addition of the SKIPPED value to the Software Upgrade show status endpoint
    • Removal of connectionType from the Reader Definition API API - this was deprecated in 2016r6 but is now completely removed
    • Require agentIdentifier in Reader Definition API - in 2016r6 this attribute could be null but now must have a valid string value
    • Removal of the value NORMAL from the valid list of values for the operation field in Reader Configurations - this value was allowed but unused in 2016r6 but is now removed
    • Removal of the field reportConfig in Reader Configurations
    • Additional check added to ensure that only one of channelConfig or txFrequenciesInMhz is specified in Reader Configurations


Feature Overview

  • Simplification of operation-specific reader configurations and recipes, for location and inventory
  • Item absence detection calculated via tag expiration
  • Individual Reader Health monitoring, available via API query, AMQP messages, or SNMP traps
  • Bulk and individual reader Firmware Upgrades
  • Reader agent installation via the ItemSense Management Console, to enable improved reader-based location calculations, reader health monitoring and firmware upgrades
    • Readers no longer interface to ItemSense via the LLRP channel, and the reader agent must be installed to interoperate with ItemSense
  • Delivery and installation/upgrade of ItemSense binaries via installation script and docker containers
  • Support for offline installation and upgrades
  • New APIs
  • API changes
    • Additional Reader Configuration operation values: INVENTORY and LOCATION, with operation-specific configuration
    • Additional Recipe type values: INVENTORY and LOCATION, with type-specific configuration
    • Additional reportToHistoryEnabled parameter to the Jobs API
      to allow performance improvements when reporting via Item History is not required
    • Removal of connectionType from Reader Definition API
      Note that if this parameter is set, it is ignored
    • Removal of unused labels field from Reader Configuration API
    • Addition of internal-use-only agentIdentifier parameter to Reader Definition API
      Note that this parameter is used internally by the ItemSense Management Console to provision reader agent software

In addition to the above features, there is an architectural change. Along with the existing ItemSense software components, the ItemSense Core and the ItemSense Management Console (IMC), there is a new component installed onto each reader being managed by ItemSense. This reader software component is called the Reader Agent. It is the reader agent that makes Health monitoring and Software management possible. The reader agent installation managed by the ItemSense Management Console.

The addition of an Impinj-only agent on the reader allows for a custom communication protocol which offers a number of advantages. Namely:

  • Enhanced Security – Authentication and encryption of the communication between the reader or gateway and the ItemSense Core.
  • Easy setup - As LLRP uses a port that is typically blocked by firewalls (port 5084), the customer protocol uses HTTPS (port 443) which is typically an allowed port but corporate firewalls.
  • Additional control points - The Reader Agent allows additional logic to be placed on the reader. For example, unique reader-based custom algorithms for gathering Item Intelligence from Tag read data.
  • Additional reporting data - This could be data about the reader itself. Reader health information is a great example of this.
  • Additional reporting modes - This allows for various ways to aggregate the data on the reader itself before the data is sent to the ItemSense Core component.

Detailed Feature List

The following is a detailed list of all the Bug Fixes, Improvements and New Features which were included in ItemSense 2016r6 release. In addition, there is also a list of Known Issues which will be address in future releases.

Bug Fixes
PI-1193Ensure error is reported when attempting to install Agent on non-turbo readers
PI-1127Bucket processing optimization will not occur if agent sends empty report
PI-1125ItemSense Java client library: AuthenticationController.getToken uses incorrect HTTP method
PI-1109IMC - reader firmware updates don't work when there are 13 readers
PI-1101Update defaults for FW updates
PI-1098minimumMovement not being used correctly in ItemSenseLocationReporter
PI-1000Jobs in "STOPPING" state don't show up on either "Current" or "Past" jobs
PI-987Rabbit MQ timeout
PI-972Reporting configuration specified in job is not respected by RDE
PI-964ItemSense does not support EPCs greater than 128 bit
PI-945Ensure failed imported readers do not prevent subsequent imports
PI-941Ensure Reader Agent disables RO Spec
PI-859ItemSense responds to reader tag report with "Unrecognized field"
PI-856During job start, no timeout when reader doesn't respond
PI-655Health event exception
PI-631channelIndex being written to 0 by default for new readerconfigs
PI-525Optimize disk metrics file logging
PI-502Disallow setting sessions other than 2 or 3 for LOCATION mode
PI-501Disallow reportingIntervals that are inconsistent with reader modes
PI-480Validate agent reports against supported weightReadCount valiues
PI-476Optimize ItemSense request logs to improve disk utilization
PI-445Deprecate playback and presence logging properties in 2016r6 Job
PI-394Improve detailed reader health status
PI-391No feedback when a firmware upgrade fails
PI-390IMC shows 3 readers to be updated when only 2 readers need a firmware update.
PI-234Improve Reader Agent health event handling when event queue is full
PI-206Ensure queue messages are delivered in order
ICST-1305Ensure xArray reader type can accept antenna zones
ICST-1303Ensure ItemSense message queues persist across disconnection
ICST-1174Optimize database write performance for large numbers of tags
ICST-1161Enforce maximum name length of 256 characters for facility names
ICST-1129Performance benchmarks failed with API response time too high
ICST-1124Disallow placement configuration for SPEEDWAY reader type
ICST-1078Allow Message Queue EPC prefix matching
ICST-1059Correct the Session validation limits
ICST-1011API Response Time is too high in Performance Benchmarks
ICST-1010Reader definitions: if placement.yaw is specified, pitch and roll fields are required
ICST-917Defaults not assigned for job reporting

PI-1074Add ImpinjTransmitPower to Agent location config
PI-957Deprecate presence confidence in the Items API
PI-373Real life performance benchmark test
PI-292Allow selection multiple channel indexes, depending on regulatory region
PI-210Allow 0s update interval value on location jobs
ICST-1242Ensure all ItemSense requests are logged
ICST-1102Make the Min constraint on minimumMovementInMeters 0 rather than 1
ICST-995Update Performance Benchmarks for Docker Deployment Model
ICST-891Improve feedback when validating reader placement

New Features
PI-1180Allow specification of batching by number of readers
PI-1154Re-add tag heartbeat configuration to recipes and extend with a duration configuration option
PI-1071Allow setting of transmitPowerInDbm in location mode
PI-1016Create more robust reporting from the FW update API
PI-881Update location recipe documentation for reportingInterval=0
PI-851Improve and retest database performance
PI-586Integrate the tagExpiryDuration into the Recipe card in the IMC
PI-584Include Octane in ItemSense 2016r6 install package
PI-567Need to update and test KVM based ItemSense
PI-565Update IMC version for ItemSense 2016r6
PI-564Update Reader Agent version for ItemSense 2016r6
PI-563Update Octane firmware version for ItemSense 2016r6
PI-555xArray to have antenna zones
PI-496Validate filter in IMC readerConfiguration
PI-360Enable SNMP by default and do not require trap configuration
PI-321ItemSense 2016r6 SNMP validation
PI-301Validate RF mode & UpdateInterval combinations
PI-170Item Expiration as replacement for absence detection
PI-152Add xSpan as valid device
ICST-1263Validate SNMP integration
ICST-951Message Queues need to be facility specific

Known Issues
IUX-915Some Octane versions not reported in Readers view after import
IUX-753Web UI - Text fields should enforce reasonable character limits

August 4, 2016

  • Improvements to IMC:
    • Jobs can now be set to run indefinitely
    • Reader Definitions now fully support xPortal Gateways
    • Reader Modes are now filtered according to the regulatory region set during ItemSense installation
    • Improvements made to Zone Map editing including the ability to edit previously created Zones.

July 5, 2016

May 2, 2016

  • Get Item History now includes a new parameter alwaysIncludePageMarker that will always return a page marker so you can retrieve all new records since the last time you queried
  • Message Queues can now be configured for item location movement with filters for minimum distance moved
  • Configuring a Message Queue now has a parameter called zoneTransitionsOnly that filters for item movement between zones.
  • Get Item History and Message Queue now return floor changes.
  • Tag identifier (TID) is now populated from Get Items, Get Item History, and Message Queues
  • Zone Maps now support polygonal and non-contiguous zones
  • Support for reader modes 1003 and 1004 in Reader Definitions added
  • xArrays can now be used in Recipes set to GATEWAY zoneModel
  • Improvements to IMC:
    • Support creating polygonal zones
    • Improvements to editing Antenna Zones for speedway readers
    • Added unit of measure
    • Improvements to the display of job errors
    • Start delay on Jobs is now supported
    • IMC can now be updated along with ItemSense

March 8, 2016

  • Added filter to Get Items to filter by last modified time of the item
  • Added support for GATEWAY zoneModel for xArrays tagId is now populated again in item queries (when tidIncluded is enabled)
  • Get Item History now reports all item movement history in addition to item movement between zones
  • Zone Transition Messages now include item location coordinates (x, y)
  • Jobs will now start when some readers are disconnected
  • Placement config data no longer required when adding a reader definition when running readers gateway mode
  • Floors are now String data type rather than Number
  • ItemSense service updates now deploy with minimal interruptions to running jobs
  • Small bug and usability fixes to the IMC
    • Fixed an issue where zone points would not accept 0 values
    • Fixed an issue with sessions expiring too quickly

January 27, 2016

January 6, 2016

  • Improvements to IMC:
    • Ability to set and clear the current Zone Map
    • Added ability to install IMC on existing ItemSense Core installations
    • Enhancements to stability and user friendliness of ItemSense Core installer
    • Migrated to Node version 5.3.0
    • Fixed an issue where changes to Reader Configurations would not immediately be visible in the UI
    • General bug fixes and stability improvements

December 17, 2015

December 10, 2015

  • Floor names can now be strings
  • ItemSense service upgrades without without interrupting job execution
  • Improved Get Items performance
  • Improvements to location computation and floor assignment